The Master
Status: Unknown
Occupation: Plantation Owner
Relatives: Elam Ferguson - son
Behind the scenes
Season: 2
Episode: "Revelations"
Appearances: 1 episodes (see below)

The Master is the nickname of the slave master of Elam Ferguson and his family.

Background InformationEdit

The Master raped one of his slaves, fathering Elam in the process. He gave Elam his name, though Psalms states that this is because he owned Elam, not a mark that he is a member of his family. ("Pride, Pomp and Circumstance")

Season 1Edit

The Master taught Elam to read in order to win a bet. He wrongly supposed that Elam was only parroting the words and did not understand their meaning. ("Revelations")


Season 1 appearances
"Pilot" "Immoral Mathematics" "A New Birth of Freedom" "Jamais Je Ne T'oublierai" "Bread and Circuses"
"Pride, Pomp and Circumstance" "Revelations" "Derailed" "Timshel" "God of Chaos"

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