== Sydney Snow ==
Sydney Snow
Status: Deceased
Date of death: 1867
Age: mid-late 30s
Occupation: Former Confederate soldier

Former U.S. Marshall

Marital status: Single
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by: Jonathan Scarfe
Season: Season 4
First episode: Life's a Mystery
Last episode: Bleeding Kansas
Appearances: 5 episodes episodes (see below)

Sydney Snow is a former Confederate States Army soldier and acquaintance of Cullen Bohannon

Appearances Edit

Season 4 appearances
"The Elusive Eden" "Escape from the Garden" "Chicken Hill" "Reckoning" "Life's a Mystery"
"Bear Man" "Elam Ferguson (Episode)" "Under Color of Law" "Two Trains" "Return to Hell"
"Bleeding Kansas" "Thirteen Steps" "Further West"