MacKenzie Porter
Personal details
Date of birth: January 1990
Birth place: Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
Hell on Wheels
Character: Naomi Bohannon
Season: 4
First episode: "The Elusive Eden"

MacKenzie Porter, born January 1990 in Medicine Hat, Alberta, is an actress and musician. She replaced Siobhan Williams as Naomi Bohannon after scheduling conflicts prevented Williams from returning to her role.

Porter's older brother, Kalan, was the winner of Canadian Idol in 2004.

Acting CareerEdit

In addition to appearing on Hell on Wheels, Porter has a TV show for Corus Entertainment in production titled "MacKenzie Porter–Dressed to Kill It."

Music CareerEdit

MacKenzie Porter has had three chart topping radio singles and videos, and was nominated for Juno Country Album of the Year. In 2014, she toured with Blake Shelton and Rascal Flatts, and she was nominated for CCMA's "Female Artist of the Year." Porter has about half million views on youtube including 250,000 views of “If You Ask Me To.”


Season 4 credits
"The Elusive Eden" "Escape from the Garden" "Chicken Hill" "Reckoning" "Life's a Mystery"
"Bear Man" "Elam Ferguson (Episode)" "Under Color of Law" "Two Trains" "Return to Hell"
"Bleeding Kansas" "Thirteen Steps" "Further West"

External links Edit

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