Byron Mann
Byron Mann
Personal details
Birth place: Hong Kong
Years active: 1990 - present
Hell on Wheels
Character: Chang
Seasons: 5
First episode: "Chinatown"

Byron Mann, was born in Hong Kong. After graduating from secondary school, Mann moved to California to attend UCLA. He graduated with a degree in philosophy. He also graduated from USC Law School and passed the California bar.

He is best known for his role as Ryu in Street Fighter. Mann is fond of sports and was, at one point, a top-ranked tennis player in Hong Kong.



Season 5 appearances
"Chinatown" "Mei Mei" "White Justice" "Struck" "Elixir of Life"
"Hungry Ghosts" "False Prophets" "Two Soldiers" "Return to the Garden" "61 Degrees"
"Gambit" "Any Sum Within Reason" "Railroad Men" "Done"

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